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You CAN have the Plastic Surgery of your dreams without being injured or disfigured.

(But only if you do your homework)

The only way to protect yourself from a plastic surgery nightmare is knowledge. As a person considering what can be a life-changing event, you must know:

  • How to choose the right doctor who can recommend the best course of action for your goals and the alternatives
  • How to prepare for your procedure
  • How Hospitals run and who will be a part of your surgery
  • How to get help when you are experiencing something unusual

   …Plus so much more

There ARE answers for your protection and safety when you’re considering plastic surgery. You’ll find the real answers in this life-changing, step-by-step guide to plastic surgery, Trust Me I’m a Plastic Surgeon.

A practicing plastic surgeon for over 30 years, Doctor Kress has the common sense answers you need to have a successful outcome and avoid the disasters that can occur if you’re unprepared to undergo plastic surgery.

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“This book is a must read for anyone considering undergoing plastic surgery”


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What Clients Say

This book is a very honest approach by Dr. Kress. As I was reading it, I was reminded of the many conversations that I had with him prior to my surgery.I loved the book and can honestly say he is the best. He is as sincere and honest as the book implies. God gave him a beautiful gift and I am fortunate enough to have found him.
Satisfied customer
This book is a must read for anyone considering cosmetic surgery or for anyone who has a friend or family member considering a procedure. It was refreshing to read a medical book and come away with a clear understanding of the topic. Dr. Kress does a great job mixing his surgical expertise, sense of humor, and philosophy into an easily read, informative book.
Robert Seidel