How Can You Tell?

Good plastic surgeons spend many years training to do your surgery. A minimum of seven years training is required after medical school along with extensive examinations and evaluations.

Dishonest ones may have gone to a weekend course

How can you tell?

Certified plastic surgeons are required to have an honest website, no claims that cannot be proven are permitted.

Deceitful doctors are not. They’re free to put up billboards with “The Best Doctor in ____” or outrageous claims on their websites.

How can you tell?

Good plastic surgeons will offer you multiple options to meet your needs and carefully outline the respective advantages and disadvantages.

Dishonest ones offer you the most expensive procedures.

How can you tell?

An honest plastic surgeon will offer procedures that they are thoroughly familiar with and with proven effectiveness.

A disreputable one will offer the expensive “fad” surgeries.

How can you tell?

Board Certified plastic surgeons must regularly attend educational meetings and maintain their educational credentials including mandatory updates on safety issues.

Dishonest ones do not.

How can you tell?

The way you tell is DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

  1. Check on your doctors Board Certification. Don’t be misled by fancy sounding society or alternative board names. The most carefully monitored and regulated societies are members of the ABMS (The American Board of Medical Specialties).
  2. Make certain the Board is appropriate. A Board Certified foot doctor is not qualified to do liposuction in his operating room any more than a Board Certified Dermatologist can do brain surgery.
  3. Check with your local hospitals to see if your doctor is privileged to do those procedures in the hospital. Some docs will build their own office operating rooms because they are unqualified to do surgery in a hospital.
  4. Check with the State and the hospitals to see if your doc has had sanctions or disciplinary actions.
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