Subpectoral Breast Augmentation Can Be Problematic For Athletic Women

Sarah was an LPGA up-and-coming star. At one of her first televised tournaments, the cameraman came up to her and told her if she wanted to continue in the LPGA she would have to do something about her breasts. He said that every time she did her back swing her breasts would “jump” and the camera picked it up. Needless-to-say, televising a golfer without showing their swing is completely unacceptable. Her problem was her breast implant placement under the pectoralis muscle (subpectoral). She had her implants for about six months and loved them but she was never told about breast movement with exercise. After the position of the implant was changed, the problem was solved.

The advantages of placing breast implants under the pectoralis muscle are well known and include; maximum protection from wrinkles or palpable edges, quick and easy procedure in a virtually bloodless field, minimal disturbance to the breast parenchyma and minimal interference with future mammograms. Patients are generally told that it will take a few weeks to months for the breast implants to “drop” into position, and in fact that is visually what happens. In reality the “drop” is more related to the stretching of the pectoralis muscle that to actual movement of the implants. But, there is a dirty little secret, which can dramatically influence how women feel about this placement. One American study revealed 100% of women with subpectoral placement were unsatisfied with the breast movement after their procedure. For the majority of women this isn’t really an issue, but if you’re athletic, low body fat, and need to use your arms in your sport, this could be a major problem. Aerobic instructors, tennis players, volleyball players, personal trainers and others deserve to know that this problem can occur.

One solution is the “subfascial” position for the implants. This is the preferred position in South America but still uncommon in America. We’ll talk about in another blog.

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    Yes, this information is a fact! I heard this from an expert as well. Its good to share this information to keep all women informed.

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